Category: Testimonials

Metro Transit Police

“In May of 2004, our department started a Crash Investigation/Reconstruction Unit which required mapping equipment and Crash Investigation training for the officers within the unit. For a price that was considerably less than the other bids, Collision Forensic Solutions provided our department with on-site Forensic Mapping training and a “LEICA” reflectorless total station with all the equipment needed to begin investigating and reconstructing our crashes.

Again in September of 2004, Collision Forensic Solutions provided an on-site Technical Crash Investigation course for the officers in the unit. We have been very satisfied with the equipment, training, and support that Michael Selves and Collision Forensic Solutions have provided our department and plan to use them in the future for our Crash Investigation equipment and training needs.”

Lt. Michael W. Johnson
Metro Transit Police
Minneapolis, MN

North Dakota Highway Patrol

“In September of 2004 the North Dakota Highway Patrol decided to upgrade their equipment and software technology for traffic crash reconstruction. We interviewed several companies specializing in this field and in February of 2005 Collision Forensic Solutions, LLC was chosen. Their commitment to training and service after the sale was the key motivating factor. CFS provided a step by step hands-on training process giving our troopers a greater ability to provide professional collision investigation/reconstruction series to the citizens of North Dakota. Their knowledge and expertise were of great value to the North Dakota Highway Patrol.”

Trooper Mitchell J. Rumple
North Dakota Highway Patrol
Crash Reconstruction Specialist

The Crash Lab, Inc.

“Early this Winter I needed to schedule and host a MapScenes mapping class at my business here in the Northeast before the end of the year. Mike Selves, President of Collision Forensic Solutions, LLC was contacted, and even though given the short notice, and the fact it took him away from his family the week before Christmas, he came to our office and provided a week’s training in the heart of our worse winter weather of the year. We had just purchased multiple MapScenes Evidence Recorder 4.0′s. By the end of the week he had superbly trained all of us, new mappers and old, into the theory and application of forensic mapping while employing the 4.0′s. Since that time we have had several contacts either at Mike’s inquiry, or ours, and the responses have been very timely, and questions thoroughly answered before the calls were over. As a business owner, I fully appreciate the quality of the business relationship and services he has provided to my company.”

Gordon “Chip” Johnston, President
Accredited Reconstructionist, ACTAR #43

York City Police Department

“The York City Police Department received a grant for a total station and related equipment based on a price quote from a competitor of CFS. After Mike Selves submitted his sealed bid, we were not only able to buy all the equimpment and training specified in the grant, but also a lap top computer dedicated to the crash reconstruction related sortware.

In January of 2006, Mike came to York PA and conducted the training. Our class included 3 officers previously trained by Mike’s competition. In my opinion, the training was excellent. Mike entertained questions, and was very generous with his time. The officers previously trained by the competition expressed frustration because they were not initially trained properly, and complemented Mike’s training content and style.

The Sunday before Mike was scheduled to leave York, he agreed to help us map a recent shooting scene. After 3 hours of mapping, we were called to a fatal crash that just occurred. Without hestitation, Mike volunteered to go to the crash and assist us with that scene also!

In short, I would highly recommend Mike Selves and CFS as a Total Station/MapScenes instructor and supplier.”

Sgt. Steven Butler
York City Police Department
York, Pennsylvania