The Crash Lab, Inc.

“Early this Winter I needed to schedule and host a MapScenes mapping class at my business here in the Northeast before the end of the year. Mike Selves, President of Collision Forensic Solutions, LLC was contacted, and even though given the short notice, and the fact it took him away from his family the week before Christmas, he came to our office and provided a week’s training in the heart of our worse winter weather of the year. We had just purchased multiple MapScenes Evidence Recorder 4.0′s. By the end of the week he had superbly trained all of us, new mappers and old, into the theory and application of forensic mapping while employing the 4.0′s. Since that time we have had several contacts either at Mike’s inquiry, or ours, and the responses have been very timely, and questions thoroughly answered before the calls were over. As a business owner, I fully appreciate the quality of the business relationship and services he has provided to my company.”

Gordon “Chip” Johnston, President
Accredited Reconstructionist, ACTAR #43