York City Police Department

“The York City Police Department received a grant for a total station and related equipment based on a price quote from a competitor of CFS. After Mike Selves submitted his sealed bid, we were not only able to buy all the equimpment and training specified in the grant, but also a lap top computer dedicated to the crash reconstruction related sortware.

In January of 2006, Mike came to York PA and conducted the training. Our class included 3 officers previously trained by Mike’s competition. In my opinion, the training was excellent. Mike entertained questions, and was very generous with his time. The officers previously trained by the competition expressed frustration because they were not initially trained properly, and complemented Mike’s training content and style.

The Sunday before Mike was scheduled to leave York, he agreed to help us map a recent shooting scene. After 3 hours of mapping, we were called to a fatal crash that just occurred. Without hestitation, Mike volunteered to go to the crash and assist us with that scene also!

In short, I would highly recommend Mike Selves and CFS as a Total Station/MapScenes instructor and supplier.”

Sgt. Steven Butler
York City Police Department
York, Pennsylvania