Forensic Mapping Units


  • FlexLine TS02plus

    The Leica FlexLine TS02plus manual total station is designed for standard measurement tasks. It comes with a simple keyboard and a complete standard set of application software that guide you through your daily work. You can confidently face the challenge of any long distance measurement with the TS02plus’ class-leading Electronic Distance Measurement.

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  • Viva TS12

    Leica Viva TS12 Performance Robotic package sets a new standard. Everything you need is in one package to begin efficient surveying today. Leica Viva TS12 is packed with features, such as the unique PowerSearch sensor which finds prisms regardless of their location in seconds and the light weight Leica CS10 controller which provides secure wireless connectivity to the total station. Together with the easy-to-use Leica SmartWorx Viva software, robotic surveying has never been so easy and productive.

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  • Nova MS60

    You only get a moment to make the right decision. So ultimate performance and absolute reliability are critical. This requires not only intuition, but also intelligent technology you can rely on. For the first time, the Leica Nova MS60 combines every significant measuring technology in one device and opens the doors to a fascinating new dimension of the geospatial world.

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  • ScanStation P40 / P30

    The versatile Leica ScanStation P40 / P30 includes a high-accuracy/long-range scanner, tilt sensor, battery, controller, data storage, auto-adjusting video camera and laser plummet all in one compact, portable instrument. The ScanStation P40 / P30 also features major productivity advances, including a Smart X-Mirror™ design that lets users conduct full-dome scans in literally a few minutes using a spinning mirror or conduct small area scans efficiently with Smart X-Mirror’s oscillating mode

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  • Viva Controllers

    Leica Controllers

    Leica contains a unique portfolio of wirelessly connected field controllers. With a complete range of easy-to-use software your work can start immediately and be finished faster then ever before.

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