Collision Forensic Solutions, LLC provides services and products to clients anywhere in the United States. With our staff of veteran law enforcement professionals, we are proud to offer the following services:

  • Crash Reconstructions / Investigations
  • Professional Investigations - Insurance / Criminal / Civil
  • Forensic Mapping - Services & Sales / Certified Instruction
  • CDR (Black Box) Downloads / Analysis

Mike Selves of Collision Forensic Solutions is a retired certified law enforcement officer in the State of South Dakota. Mike has over twenty years of law enforcement experience, most formally with the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

Mike has an extensive background in the field of accident investigation as well as reconstruction work. He has over thirteen years experience as a Certified Accident Reconstruction Specialist, and is also certified by ACTAR (Accreditation Commission For Traffic Accident Reconstruction, #1286) with Full Accreditation as a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist. The courts recognize him as an expert witness in both criminal & civil cases, and he has investigated numerous crashes throughout his career. Mike is also a member of the Midwest Association of Technical Investigators (MATAI) and the Professional Society of Forensic Mapping.