Our Mission

Collision Forensic Solutions is committed to providing world-class instruction that is grounded in forensically sound procedures and validated best practices. Our training services are designed to instill competence and confidence in our students to overcome the challenges faced by law enforcement professionals in the 21st Century. We launch inexperienced students into successful careers and enhance the skills of veterans with efficient procedures and useful technologies.

We are dedicated to the continued inspiration and development of our students and their agencies through our offer of permanent, on-going support - 24 hours a day.

Training Dates




July 23 - 27, 2018 Altoona, PD-PA Map360
July 23 - August 3, 2018 Bangor, ME Traffic Crash Reconstruction Course (80 Hours)
August 13 - 17, 2018 Bexar County Sheriff's Office, TX Pix4D & MAP360 Training
August 20 - 24, 2018 Bloomington, PD-IL Leica Scanners
August 20 - 24, 2018 Grand Forks, PD-ND Total Station, Evidence Recorder
August 27 - 31, 2018 Bloomington, PD-IL Leica IMS Point Cloud
August 27 - 31, 2018 Grand Forks, PD-ND Map360
September 4 - 7, 2018 Sterling Heights, MI Total Station, Forensic Mapping
September 10 - 14, 2018 Sterling Heights, MI Map360
September 10 - 14, 2018 Naperville, PD-IL Total Station, Evidence Recorder
September 17 - 21, 2018 Naperville, PD-IL Leica Map360
September 18 - 21, 2018 Kelowna, BC Map360, Evidence Recorder, Pointcloud
October 15 - 19, 2018 Bloomsburg, PD-PA Total Station, Evidence Recorder
October 22 - 26, 2018 Bloomsburg, PD-PA Map360



    Whether you need a refresher course in laser scanning or want to learn new skills in a specific area, these entry-level courses are designed for you.


    Ready to take your laser scanning skills to the next level? These courses will get you there.


    Take it to the next level with advanced skills, tips, and tricks to move you ahead of the curve in your field with these more challenging courses.


    You may have a particular project related issue you need to solve or a recurring situation you would like to conquer more efficiently. These one-on-one sessions are tailored to your specific needs.


Mike Selves

Mike Selves is a retired certified law enforcement officer in the State of South Dakota. Mike has over twenty years of law enforcement experience, most formally with the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

William Henningsen

William Henningsen is a 21-year veteran of the Omaha Police Department's Forensic Investigations Section (FIS) and has been involved in training and consulting with Collision Forensic Solutions (CFS) since 2015. He is currently certified as a Forensic Video Technician by the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA).

Joel Salinas

Joel Salinas, ACTAR, has over 33 years of experience investigating and reconstructing traffic collisions. He is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction, (ACTAR # 1569).

Training Class Photos

Collision Forensic Solutions, LLC provides certified training courses in forensic mapping. CFS utilizes total stations, data collectors, the latest technology in Evidence Recorder software, and IMS Map360 CAD drawing software, along with CAD Zone and Pocket Zone software.

  • CFS instructors are certified by MicroSurvey in both IMS Map360 and EVR software.
  • CFS instructors are certified by CAD Zone in all CAD Zone products.
  • CFS provides basic to advanced classes to meet all your specific needs.