Collision Forensic Solutions, LLC provides certified training to clients anywhere in the United States, Canada & Worldwide. With our staff of veteran law enforcement professionals, we are proud to offer the following training courses:

  • Certified MapScenes Forensic CAD Software Training
  • Certified MapScenes Animation Software Training
  • Certified MapScenes PointCloud Software Training
  • Certified Total Station & Evidence Recorder Software Training
  • Certified CAD Zone CrashZone, PocketZone & Total Station Training
  • Certified CAD Zone PointCloud Software Training
  • Certified Technical Crash Investigation Course
  • Certified Advanced Crash Investigation Course
  • Certified Traffic Crash Reconstruction Course

Our on-site training brings certified instructors to your facility. On-site training is available with confirmed registrations to be determined.

Our custom training is designed to suit your needs. Collision Forensic Solutions, LLC provides custom-designed training seminars delivered on-site. Our veteran law-enforcement professionals train on a wide scope of topics, such as those listed above, plus:

  • Vehicular homicide
  • CAD Drawings
  • Accident Photography
  • Forensic Mapping