Leica RTC360

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The Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner solution empowers Forensic Investigators to document their Crime and Crash Scenes in 3D with revolutionary speed and simplicity. The Leica RTC360 improves efficiency, lowers costs and raises productivity in the field. Public Safety Agencies will see immediate results from the Leica RTC360. The time required to acquire and process forensic mapping data from other manufacturers can be re-invested into solving crimes – not documenting them. Leica’s RTC360 offers timely and actionable 3D data in an instant. The RTC360 yields easily shared 3D exhibits that will positively impact the investigative process.

The RTC360 laser scanner is the BEST forensic mapping option for Public Safety Professionals in a rugged, fast, simple-to-use, precise, and portable 3D solution.

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The Specifics

  • Capture high quality 3D data in all weather conditions – rain, high winds, snow, darkness or full sun.
  • Validate the performance of the RTC360 data on-scene to reassure investigators and the courts that the data was accurately captured.
  • Highly portable, highly automated, intuitive and designed for maximum productivity, the RTC360 solution efficiently combines the RTC360 a high-performance 3D laser scanner, Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 mobile-device app for edge computing for automatically registering scans in real time, and Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 office software to integrate your 3D model seamlessly into your workflow.
  • Capture scans, including enriching, 5-bracket, High-Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery, in less than two minutes (as little as 1 minute 26 seconds).
  • Automatically record your scanner moves from station to station to pre-register your scans in the field without manual intervention.
  • Augment your data capture on-scene with multimedia like photos, video, text, documents, and audio to create an immersive and narrative exhibit before – or after – returning to the office.

CFS RTC360 – 2021